Transfer printing the process of printing full colour designs onto garments using transfer paper or vinyl. Below we have highlighted the different method that we can do and will choose the best process for you application.


Full colour Transfer Printing Using Vinyl



Large Printing Aarea

Excellent Small Text Detail

Design Contained Within a Single Cutline

If your design is a special shape we can use our cutting machines to cut the transfer paper to shape, and then apply the design in its unique shape rather than a full square or rectangle giving a clean crisp line.

Design and text detail is printed onto the vinyl so a high level of fine detail can be achieved for text and colour detail and and gradients are perfect for this application.

This type of printed vinyl can be applyed to both light and dark garment and has block out properties that prevents the strong colour of the fabric dies coming through.

With stretch qualities and being ligh weight makes it perfect for a variety of applications including sports wear, jackets, polos and t-shirts.


Transfer Printing Using Ink


Light Weight

Amazing Colour Detail

Can Achieve a 'Vintage' Look

Printing full colour graphics with an ink transfer is perfect for designs with amazing colour detail. The ink sits directly on the fabric so there in no plasticky vinyl feel.

This type of transfer is great for T-shirts.


Low Colour Transfer Printing


Metalic Colours and Special Effects

Low Cost

Brilliant Colour Results

This type of T-shirt printing is where it all started...your design cut from a solid colour vinly and layored up with different colours. The reliability of this type of printing had been questioned over the years however, if the right vinyl is applyed in the correct way we have nothing to worry about.

It's easy on the wallet and quite often a logo in one colour is the most effective.

Vinyls can come in a variety of different effects from metalics, to fluffy, carbon to glitter and now even black board or white board so you can write on them! 

You won't get a stronger colour than a solid vinyl!


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