Custom clothing is a great way to promote and raise funds for your charity, club or community event.

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An affiliate store is better suited for those who wish to sell their own designs or branding. Webshops are perfect for schools, fitness groups, gyms, clubs etc that wish to sell their products on an ongoing basis. A campaign is perfect if you’re wanting to promote and raise funds for a charity, club or community event in a short timeframe..

You decide how long your campaign will run. The minimum is 7 days and the maximum is 21 days. The most successful campaigns are normally between 14-21 days, this allows enough time to promote the campaign..

You can choose to offer as few or as many products as you like in your store and colour code them to your branding preferences.

You need to go to your own homepage and log in there.

You can promote your webshop through social media, newsletters, Team App and through your own website. The more you promote, the more sales you create, in fact the only thing you need to do is promote your store – we do everything else for you!

All items for a fundraising campaign are produced once the campagne has met its deadline and dispatched together.

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